Blue and Orange Decorating Tips

  • Blue and white with orange. Adding blue to orange gives this flag a very sophisticated and classy look.

  • If you add some white it breaks of the harsh orange color too. A secret of many designers.

  • Personally, I like more of a burnt orange versus a bright orange. How about you?

  • This stunning new Decorator Garden Flag is a beautiful design for fall. It uses the blue, burnt orange and a hint of white. The flag is done with sublimation ink and withstands outdoor temperatures. What a beautiful way to greet your family and guests. If you have a metal door it would look great there, by your front entry, in your garden or anyplace that makes you smile when you see it.

  • You can visit my web site at to see this and other flags. Just click on View More under the flag and you will be taken to the Flag page.

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