If you are looking for a yummy easy desert this is it. This is a Weight Watcher desert that has been around for years. And, you can use other flavors such as Lime, Lemon, Cherry, Orange, etc, It is a desert that makes you look like your worked very hard and long, but is super easy.

1 3 oz. package of sugar free Strawberry Jell-o (you can use regular, it will just be higher in calories).

1/2 cup boiling water

2 containers of light Strawberry Yoplait yogurt (or what ever Jell-o flavor you are using)

1 small container of light cool whip.

Boil water, add Jell-o to it and stir till dissolved. Add yogurt and stir. Then add softened cool whip and stir until all combined.

Pour into a graham cracker crust. I add fresh strawberries to mixture and also whole strawberries to top for color. Chill

You can leave off the crust too if you are doing Keto.

It is very good and always a pie that gets lots of praise!

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